Ports 1961 - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in London (with interview)

Creative director: Natasa CadaljAtmosphere: Instead of Milan, Ports 1961 had their runway for the first time in London where the studio is based. The collection was selected as the theme “the home”, a place where feels safe and at ease.Silhouette: Playing with the basics and deconstructing them. 1 coat with only one shoulder, floppy trousers that seemed double in size. White blouses with colourful photos printed, for example a chandelier, the mesh acting more as a blanket. All to do with fluidity. To Note: Handcraft promotes with embroidery and weaving.Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.) Interview with Natasa Cadalj : London is a very free spirited city, very multicultural and it feels that everything is possible here, and I think it pushes you to be more creative, you know the environment enables you to explore much more than maybe in another city.It was all in the spirit of home, not only coming home to London but it was about a home, the house in a way, my house, somebody‘s house and how you feel comfortable to experiment in your own house, so we were just a lot of colours and textures were coming from interior house colours.This time we tried to play with new proportions, we drop the trouser really really low, they are suspended from a skirt like thing so they can hang very low and elongate the upper part of the body and also do it in a playful way, take it apart.We use a lot of prints that are for us like a new jewelry, using prints… we also printed leather in the case of one bag so it’s a glass wear, chandelier, for me it’s a very feminine object and it works as the jewelry in this collection.

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