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Behind the scene of the disassembly of the Harper’s Bazaar exhibition at MAD!

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An exceptional visit to the empty rooms of the harper’s bazaar retrospective at the musée des arts décoratifs in paris, to witness the dismantling of the exhibition and discover the meticulous process put in place to optimise the conservation conditions of thousands of pieces belonging to this cultural institution.interviews:itv florence bertin, manager at the collected works department:the dismantling of an exhibition means removing all the works while completing a conservation process so that once they return to the reserves, we can assure their conservation, in the foreseeable future and the long term. we are lucky to have dedicated teams at the musée des arts décoratifs in paris, restoration teams and clothing specialists. their experience means that they know where to gather the clothing, where it will be fragile and where seams could come loose if poorly handled.our biggest curses here, are light, dust and insects. we use pheromone traps for almost all the outfits. there are moths everywhere in paris, including in the museum. so, we are doing a real investigation into this insect issue because it is damaging. it seriously damages, and the most panicking thing would be that there could be an infestation in store.interview aude mansouri, textile restorer at the collected works department:in certain exhibitions, here, we have 150 to 200 outfits.so, you can imagine the work, which is not just for the modelling.there is the sketch that was made for the saint-laurent dress and the person that did the modelling noted that she added the bust, a bit of stomach, and hips. she added a little back too so that the figure is pretty at the back. you can see that we are going to go into detail because the back was absolutely not visible in the display case.we are a little tense when putting on and taking off the arms because we are scared of damaging the dress.so, we are in the process of temporarily packaging it up, while it is brought back to the reserves and packaged up for the final time. so that it falls well in the display case, there is a line of stitching that was made when setting up the exhibition, so that the coat remains closed, so we will undo this seam. we have the opposite approach compared to the shop that will take clothing to put it on the mannequin, then adopt it with pins. whereas we adapt the mannequin to the garment by adding layers of cotton to give volume to the original item of clothing.there is always an amazement once the piece is on the mannequin. we say to ourselves “oh yes wow!”.music copyright-free : rising up instrumental by ofrin-artlist